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Power Reporting Resources For Journalists

Career Home Run Leaders

Most home runs
through August 3, 2003

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1Hank Aaron75512,36416 Yes
2Babe Ruth7148,39912 Yes
3Willie Mays66010,88116 Yes
4Barry Bonds6478,63213342979Active
5Frank Robinson58610,00617 Yes
6Mark McGwire5836,18711 N/A
7Harmon Killebrew5738,14714 Yes
8Reggie Jackson5639,86418 Yes
9Mike Schmidt5488,35215 Yes
10Mickey Mantle5368,10215 Yes
11Jimmie Foxx5348,13415 Yes
12Sammy Sosa5237,348142432213Active
13Willie McCovey5218,19716 Yes
13Ted Williams5217,70615 Yes
15Rafael Palmeiro5179,368182737614Active
RankPlayerHRABAB/HRHR '03AB '03AB/HR '03H of F
16Ernie Banks5129,42118 Yes
16Eddie Mathews5128,53717 Yes
18Mel Ott5119,45619 Yes
19Eddie Murray50411,33622 N/A
20Lou Gehrig4938,00116 Yes
21Fred McGriff4888,625181023724Active
22Ken Griffey Jr.4817,079151316613Active
23Stan Musial47510,97223 Yes
23Willie Stargell4757,92717 Yes
25Dave Winfield46511,00324 Yes
26Jose Canseco4627,05715 N/A
27Carl Yastrzemski45211,98827 Yes
28Dave Kingman4426,67715 No
29Andre Dawson4389,92723 N/A
30Cal Ripken43111,55127 N/A
RankPlayerHRABAB/HRHR '03AB '03AB/HR '03H of F
31Juan Gonzalez4296,428152432714Active
32Billy Williams4269,35022 Yes
33Darrell Evans4148,97322 No
34Duke Snider4077,16118 Yes
35Jeff Bagwell4046,933172441317Active
36Frank Thomas4016,432162536715Active
37Al Kaline39910,11625 Yes
38Dale Murphy3987,96020 No
39Joe Carter3968,42221 N/A
40Andres Galarraga3947,97820816721Active
41Graig Nettles3908,98623 No
42Johnny Bench3897,65820 Yes
43Dwight Evans3858,99623 No
44Harold Baines3849,90826 N/A
45Frank Howard3826,48817 No
45Jim Rice3828,22522 No
RankPlayerHRABAB/HRHR '03AB '03AB/HR '03H of F
47Albert Belle3815,85315 N/A
48Orlando Cepeda3797,92721 Yes
48Tony Perez3799,77826 Yes
50Matt Williams3787,00019413434Active
51Norm Cash3776,70518 No
52Carlton Fisk3768,75623 Yes
53Rocky Colavito3746,50317 No
54Gil Hodges3707,03019 No
55Ralph Kiner3695,20514 Yes
56Gary Sheffield3676,549182739615Active
57Joe DiMaggio3616,82119 Yes
57Jim Thome3615,041142740115Active
59Gary Gaetti3608,95125 N/A
60Johnny Mize3596,44318 Yes
RankPlayerHRABAB/HRHR '03AB '03AB/HR '03H of F
61Yogi Berra3587,55521 Yes
62Greg Vaughn3556,1031733712Active
63Lee May3547,60921 No
63Mike Piazza3545,22815711116Active
65Dick Allen3516,33218 No
65Ellis Burks3517,19921619833Active
67Chili Davis3508,67325 N/A
68George Foster3487,02320 No
69Larry Walker3456,204181032432Active
70Ron Santo3428,14324 No
71Jack Clark3406,84720 No
72Dave Parker3399,35828 No
72Boog Powell3396,68120 No
74Don Baylor3388,19824 No
74Darryl Strawberry3385,46716 N/A
RankPlayerHRABAB/HRHR '03AB '03AB/HR '03H of F
76Joe Adcock3366,60620 No
77Manny Ramirez3354,836142540116Active
78Bobby Bonds3327,04321 No
79Hank Greenberg3315,19316 Yes
80Mo Vaughn3285,5321737926Active
81Alex Rodriguez3264,804152842215Active
82Willie Horton3257,29822 No
83Gary Carter3247,97125 No
83Lance Parrish3247,06722 No
85Ron Gant3216,4492014141Active
86Cecil Fielder3195,15716 N/A
87Roy Sievers3186,38720 No
88George Brett31710,34933 Yes
89Ron Cey3167,16223 No
90Reggie Smith3147,03322 No
91Jay Buhner3105,01316 N/A
92Greg Luzinski3076,50521 No
92Al Simmons3078,76129 Yes
94Fred Lynn3066,92523 No
95David Justice3055,62518 N/A
96Rogers Hornsby3018,17327 Yes
97Chuck Klein3006,48622 Yes
RankPlayerHRABAB/HRHR '03AB '03AB/HR '03H of F
Only Active Players Between 200 and 300 Home Runs
RankPlayerHRABAB/HRHR '03AB '03AB/HR '03H of F
 Rickey Henderson29710,9303724121Active
 Tino Martinez2946,221211034735Active
 Carlos Delgado2934,382153140213Active
 Edgar Martinez2936,559222032916Active
 Robin Ventura2856,812241029229Active
 Tim Salmon2835,378191436926Active
 Eric Karros2796,24622924427Active
 Dean Palmer2754,90218086N/AActive
 Chipper Jones2714,973181838421Active
 Luis Gonzalez2696,643252041421Active
 Jeff Kent2675,885221432623Active
 Vinny Castilla2635,313201738523Active
 Jason Giambi2594,330173137212Active
 Raul Mondesi2565,392211637624Active
 Jim Edmonds2504,465182932011Active
RankPlayerHRABAB/HRHR '03AB '03AB/HR '03H of F
 Shawn Green2454,751191142739Active
 Steve Finley2447,680311735321Active
 Ryan Klesko2444,328182032516Active
 Reggie Sanders2394,963212131415Active
 Todd Zeile2397,11030618431Active
 John Olerud2376,81229835745Active
 Bernie Williams2346,22027826233Active
 Moises Alou2335,127221640525Active
 Ivan Rodriguez2296,000261434425Active
 Jeromy Burnitz2284,084182129614Active
 Bret Boone2145,568262842615Active
 Craig Biggio2048,39641943648Active
 Roberto Alomar2038,739432353177Active
 Todd Hundley2013,7611912525Active
 Javy Lopez2013,864193031811Active


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This page is dedicated to Jim Dedman, 1951-1998, a baseball fan.

Includes all players with at least 300 home runs, and only active players with at least 200 home runs. So a retired player with, say, 287 home runs wouldn't be listed.

Pre-1998 data from The Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball, by David S. Neft, et al.

Data from STATS Inc.

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